Coaching &
Playing Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy

Velocity Sports Football Academy’s coaching philosophy adopts a fun-filled approach, improves cognitive speed, develops good body coordination, instils creativity, cultivates a ‘winning mentality’ and inculcates character values in every child.

Having Fun

Children having lots of fun & enjoying the game as they play. This enables their mind to open up and accept instruction, whether to improve their skills, improve their confidence or to understand and practise character values.

Improve Body Coordination 
& Strength

Coordination and strength is the basic foundation for the development of a healthy and active child. Whether the child is running at the playground, active during PE (physical education) lessons in school, or involved in sports, we will improve his overall body coordination and strength.

Instil Creativity

Football is a beautiful game. We coach children on how to play the game in a beautiful and exciting way, with lots of motivation and praises.

Improve Physical 
& Cognitive Speed

Fast paced training sessions to improve your child’s reaction speed and physical speed.

Instil Competitive Spirit

We try to instil confidence and a ‘winning mentality’ in your child through fun games and challenging drills, so that junior becomes a ‘winner’ in life!

Learn Lifelong Character Values

We practise lifelong values like Preparation, Teamwork, Discipline, Determination, Hardwork and Consideration for Others in our training sessions. This creates the environment for your child to adopt and practise these values themselves.

Playing Philosophy

Velocity Sports Football Academy’s playing philosophy is based on:


• Possessional football, attacking at the fastest possible opportunity and with creativity.

• During loss of possession, quick organisation and intense pressure to quickly win the ball back.