If you have any other enquiries on issues not mentioned here, kindly send us an email to: academy@velocitysports.com.sg

More About The Fees

It is to make operate the academy in a sustainable manner. The enrolment is not consistent if fees are charged monthly.

Missed Training Sessions

Make-up sessions for missed training sessions will be allowed during any day of the academy’s scheduled training sessions. Inform the Head Coach to arrange for the make-up session. However, make-up sessions cannot be carried over to another term.

Accidental Insurance

It only covers injuries sustained due to an accident. It does not cover training or match injuries.

Training Time and Venue

SportSG only allows block booking during off-peak hours for the field. Hence, the available time is in the afternoons.

Currently, there is only 1 training venue.

To cater to children from the western region of Singapore.
Additionally, natural grass field minimises risk of joint injuries.

Public Holidays

Due to very low attendance by trainees.

Fee Payment

To maintain the 10:1 player coach ratio. Place is guaranteed if fee is paid promptly. 

Pro-rated Fees

Since new trainees are joining during mid-term, the fixed costs of field and equipment is included in the pro-rated fee. Therefore, there is no discount for the fee.

Academy Jersey Set

It includes FBT Jersey, shorts and socks, together with printing of academy name and image.

To have a uniform team jersey, just like playing in any football team.
Also, if they are selected for tournaments.

Inclement Weather

Coordination training can be conducted under shelter, which is very beneficial for boys in this age group.

Additionally, we strive not to cancel any training session due to fee payment.

Missed Training Session / Refund Policy

We keep the academy fee affordable by averaging the costs and the estimated enrolment. The fee will increase if refunds are provided. In the long run, the parents benefit due to the low fees.

Switching of Training Day

Yes, inform the Head Coach if you want to switch the training day (eg. from Saturday to Sunday).

Training Attire

Methods of Payment

Accepted payment methods are ‘PayNow’, Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit Cards. Do note that there is an admin charge by card merchant for Credit/Debit Card payments.